The bent needle.

I have noticed when I sew by hand for any length of time, the needle bends.  Dose this happen to any one else?




Austerity for the planet – our last chance. Really.

Our planet has a bug.  Human parasites that have been increasing the temperature of a whole planet.  No mean feat really.  How many latte’s must I drink for  my impact to be felt.  2.  That isn’t many but as my best guess, i will stand by it.  So, i am 15089 latte’s over my limit, perhaps more as i haven’t kept count.

Latte’s and coffee are my last addiction. In each sip, i understand the human carbon chain that allows for me to enjoy this powerful drug.

The latte in this photo was crafted by a barrister that has practiced this  art for 15 years.   It was an amazing day with my daughter in town.   Dresses were bought and long talks over latte’s and smoothies.


Our conversations often turn to the environment and how precious and unique it is.    And as there is so many of us humans, that we must all really do our part to slow down and care for our only home, the planet earth.

Really, if you were an alien from another planet, would you recuse us as a species.   I know i would hesitate and ponder deeply our need to survive.  Over a Latte if you please.

I know i digress but that is how i am wired and coffee is my medicine to keep it in check. enjoy your day.






Bespoke: Botanical Beach 2018


I am writing this under a blood red sky.  Smoke fills the air as the scorched earth burns.  It disheartens my very soul.

This last June, I revisited Botanical Beach.  The beauty is unshakable. 


We left early so that we could be at the beach during one of the lowest tides of the year.  And before the crowds.

At the entrance to one of the paths down to the beach is a fallen log with fungi.  I am always interested in fluid lines of mushrooms. DSC01634




The horizon of the United States is in the background.  The changing tide brought the waves crashing into the rocks.


The tide pools were inexplicably bare and cloudy.  Global changes are reaching even here.  Gooey ducks clams and seaweed abound still yet the once plentifully urchins are gone.  The wardens of the park say it is the tourist taking souvenirs of the once bountiful sea life.    Really.  It could also be sunscreen and other pollutants. Either way, once a plentifully waterway is now unwell and unbalanced. 

We may still have time to make a difference. It is only a guess as we know more about Mars than we do our own seas. 



Weekly Photo Challenge – the last one Capturing Rainbows.

capturing rainbows.jpg


These challenges are now set aside for the new.

My favorite photo is hard to find.  I chose this one of rainbows captured on the pure spring water.  It is abstract, like myself. And full of the colors of the rainbow.  The water is pure and the springs pebbly bottom adds texture to the rippled sunlight.


It was fun doing these challenges,  I just had to be else ware for a while, so I let these challenges slip on by.  Perhaps something else will pique my interest and I will share.  Till then,