Dragonfly Dress

My son was married this last Saturday to the love of his life.  I was requested to dance a Mother Son dance at his reception.  So, I wanted to look my best. And I love to sew.  So a new dress was needed.







Hmm, since i was ousted as president and your email chatter beforehand (today’s meeting) was necessary, it makes perfect sense. I also understand that these back door conversations have been taking place for some time.

I was sorry to hear that you took my emails other than what they were. running a strata is business and not much else. I do recall havingg this type of conversation with you when were last on concil. I my brain is hardwired differently so when i write it is about what i see or experince, as in my youth, teachers would take my writing, copy it for everyone in the class and then went over each line like i wasn’t even there. so when i write, i try to be clear at what i am seeing and what needs to be said. my saying of this is never about what you should do or feel but what i see – what you chose to feel when you read my writing is up to you – i can not tell you how to feel. i can say what i see and once the emotion is removed from the picture, it can be a good course of business.

Actually, i felt very ignored, irrelevant and just a waste of your space too. so that is honesty. and because you were ignoring me, i had to yell louder. though i should know better and see that when you yell, no one listens.

keep in mind that all feelings for one unit will everapet all good works in all of the other units. we need to remove our emotions from this as it is business. and i really feel that the situation is working on your empotions – she is a good player.

I hope you like my new signature – it came in with my word a day. it just seems so relevant to these modern times.

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. -William Pitt, British prime minister (28 May 1759-1806)

A change of space.

The last major space of our small condo is finally done.  Gone are the textured walls.  These were smoothed to hide all of the punched holes and dusty texture in the master bedroom.  We added some donnaconna board and and another  layer of drywall to dampen the sounds that animate our shared spaced.  It seems to have worked – not a 100% but nothing ever is.  I am happy with the 75% that I feel that I got out of it. 


We had a local business do the dry walling and mudding to smooth the walls.  It was fast and efficient. 

My partner and I painted, added the new floor, new light, new baseboards and more paint.  It feels great. 


Sewing again

It has been a long time since I have taken on any project larger than a pillow. My son is getting married in June and I need a dress to dance in. With my daughter in tow, we hit the fabric store and found a new Vogue Pattern V1422 by Amy Reese.

Image result for v1422

So far, I have cut out all of the pieces. Three for the skirt lining, three for the skirt underlining, 3 for the bodice lining and 6 for the dress. A slightly larger project than I anticipated for the dress.

The reviews of the dress are that it is a little tight so I added a bit for my large frame and it should work.

Tomorrow I start the sewing bits 🙂

Obtuse – a way of life, my life

Low literacy – I still struggle with my literacy and understanding.  Life is hard and I have seen more than my fair share of grief. My low literacy wasn’t for a lack of trying but a learning disability that was overlooked. This was in many parts, first of my femaleness – some bloke was to marry me and care for me so it wasn’t important that I learn to read. Secondly, I was raised in poverty and with it abuse and neglect. The latter appears to happen more to special needs children, more so the high functioning ones like myself. My special needs required more from my environment and my care givers were not up to the task, so, well, a beating or two would bring me into line. Thirdly, we moved a lot. I attended 9 schools in 10 years. It was a long and winding youth of waking up in a new home once or twice a year, this included a new school too.

So, I became someone else’s problem with each year. Occasionally, someone would notice that i wasn’t up to snuff and would send home extra work. Then we would move again and I would literally wake up in a new home, my bed but different walls. Another new school, no friends or family to say hey, let me read with you. In no way did I appear special. No one sought me out to say hey, I would like to help. I was tainted, not trying hard enough, not being pretty enough, nor any apparent skill that would be endearing to any other soul. Nothing.

I had to help myself and without an education it wasn’t easy. I did what I could. I learned everything I could without crossing those institutional doors of education. They let me down and I was certain that I didn’t want to spend fifty thousand, or more, to be let down again. So, I am mostly self taught.

I started by learning how to sew at the age of 19. It was one subject that I enjoyed but only had a little bit of teaching – it was moving too much that kept me away from the sewing classes. So, I bought a pattern and some materiel and borrowed my soon to be third step mother’s sewing machine. I didn’t do the pattern any justice at all and I ended up at the hospital to have a broken needle removed from my finger. The skirt was worn once and then promptly discarded. Somehow this failure just had me trying for more. I enjoyed that creativity. So I kept at it.

So, I have become obtuse. I will slowly digest the meaning and if I do not understand I start again. Eventually, it will sink in. Yet, I need to ask and pull the meaning out even if the recipient of my query’s isn’t happy with my process. It is my process and I will get to the end of it the best way I know how. And if I am obtuse, it is because I am still choosing to learn.

So get over it. I am not doing any thing wrong when I demand clarification. I have learned that, yes, I can demand clarification. I have rights and I will not give up either my right nor my understanding of what is happening. I will be the thorn in your side until I have satisfied that I have understood what is needed.

Have patience and we will both have a better life.

Low literacy isn’t just my problem. It is society’s problem. And it is costly – more so than the cost of the education that will cure this ill. And not all of can find meaningful literacy due to disabilities. I know that I am lucky in that I worked hard and found my literacy despite my learning disability’s (yes, I have more than one).