Ok, the first post was long!

Won’t happen again.

Had a few interesting talks about my first post.  From the oldest – it was too long and a lot could be removed.  Nobody reads much any more . Yes, I could remove the unneeded bits but I won’t.  Not yet, any way.

The youngest at 23 years blew it off as Mom just being too radical and just do the stiff upper lip. He may live longer and the concept of 67 is several lifetimes away!

A young woman – in the prime of her life.  Today was the first time we met and our conversation strayed upon the thinking behind the post.  Synchronicity. She hasn’t seen the blog yet there it was – our similar sentiment – working hard for a retirement in poverty?  And yes, it is hard work!

Summer solstice is in three weeks and it will be a good day rest. There will be a thousand reasons not to but I don’t need to listen to any of them. I will be unplugged and walking.  I can find a smile from a neighbour and spend an hour on the beach


throwing the ball!                               2012 388


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