The traveling skirt – 1002

What I like is the cut and ease of placement of the seams. They fit well. I have been pondering the skirt as it larger in what I am used to in overall fit for these old patterns.

Keep in mind that this a traveling skirt i believe that it is to be worn over the better clothing.  I have a habit (sometimes good sometimes not!) of not reading the instructions and only following the cut of the cloth as my guide. This has led me in this case to not finishing the left fount seam as instructed.  I have placed small strips for strength for the finishing leaving the seam open with either buttons or hooks & eyes to keep it closed.  When I look at the picture of the completed garment what comes to mind is a left opening overskirt with buttons to keep the skirt closed on the left side panel.                E1002_SUIT

For my muslin I used some gray woven strip.  I felt that the lines in the fabric would encourage any flaws in the original pattern. When cutting the skirt I was short 4 inches in length for the back, so I doubled the amount of width needed and created a back ruffle. Not per the pattern but as it for the muslin, it could survive the embellishment.

DSC00667         DSC00670


I enjoyed this construction.  The high waist was easily tamed with a waistband elastic zigzagged on to the edge and top stitched into place. I may change it at a later date.  I have placed hooks and eyes for closures and they work around the waist well but closer to the bottom they will be problematic.  I will look to placing buttons there and will wait until the jacket is all but finished to add this detail.

The fit on me is somewhat large.  Could have been my fuzzy math in sizing the pattern or it could be that it was expected that there would be a bustle in the back side and an additional skirt or two underneath.  I will continue the contemplation of this while I size the jacket.


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