The traveling Jacket- 1002

The traveling suit – 1002 – 1912 Sewing Project

Again, the cut is wonderful.  More so if you actually wore corsets!  I know I don`t so I will have do modernize the final piece.  Todays fashion allow for closer fitting clothing so when I took the initial measurements I decided not to change the size but sew and see what I get.  For my muslin I used a wad of wool blend that I purchased it at the thrift store for 8$.  This thrift shop find unfortunately was scrap from someone else’s sewing project and was only large rectangular pieces. Luckily suited this jacket for size and weight.

It looks good.

The back looks like a rectangle and needs to be shaped more at the waist to be modernized.


The front at the waist can benefit from some tweaking to better show the waist.  I have yet to add the belt loops and make a belt.


The sleeves are a nice cut and the gather at the top give a sharp look at the shoulders.

DSC00768  DSC00769

Now to finish.

almost done!




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