Traveling Suite 1002

The finished look is 1002 Complete.DSC008811002 Right Side Suit

My partner has made it known that each piece is nice on it’s own and together they don’t quite work.  From a distance it works.  And as each is in effect only a muslin worked from the fabric stash, it works.  The skirt can be worn for more formal occasions of which I never attend so it will end up as a donation.  1002 Skirt Front


The pattern is easy to use, the cut is good.  An intermediate sewer will have no problems with either of these pieces.  I loved putting it together.

I like the fit across the shoulders – it works for my broad shoulders. The waist on the jacket can work as is but can use a little more tapering for a more modern look.   The front has a nice look though I do not recommend plaid unless you are able to match the pattern. I ended up lining the jacket as it is for a friend however I did not think of this until after I had done the button holes and top stitching.  So the lining was attached with a quick slipstitch.

1002 Jacket FrontDSC00896

The belt is just a tie that I had kicking around as my black belt is currently hiding in a safe place. The contrast works for these photos.


I had a lot of fun with these patterns and I look forward to the next piece.




5 thoughts on “Traveling Suite 1002

  1. Johnc261 says:

    Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts. baegdaaddgdd

    • Thanks but I don’t currently use twitter – a full time job, after work self employment, a dog and a husband greatly limits my time. But thanks and I will let you know if i get into! 🙂

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