Now for my Jacket




Finished Jacket 3Finished Jacet 2DSC01350Finished Jacket 5

I tried it on for fit and it is good!  It will feel better when the outside temperature is below 10C!  It is now neatly folded in my cedar chest for the duration of summer.


The Starting Point:

I am good a finding what I need.  Sometimes it is not what I want but I do find it fills my needs. I have been picking up fabric at the local thrift shops for years.  I have many large pieces of wool for just such a  project.

To make my jacket I first needed to resize the pattern for my mature figure.  Just adding an inch to the pattern only worked with the hips and bust.  As the original pattern is for the wearer of corsets the waist needed to come in.  And not just in – the sides needed to be graded with shoulders being left at…

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