My new Summer Jacket

I have decided to put the purple slip dress aside until I am receive the silk ribbon that I am ordering.  I think that it will add a nice dramatic flair to the dress.

So, I found my misplaced traveling suite pattern pieces and will whip an unlined jacket and skirt to get me thought to the fall season.  Layers work well here in the between seasons!

The Prep:

The Cloth: It has been washed and hung to dry in the free dryer! I mention this as my neighbours charge, a sweet girl of 8, wondered why I was poor – I had a washer but I had to hang my cloths outside to dry!  It was nice to see the light bulb of austerity popping on in her little head when she realized that it was a good thing! – it saves money and the environment while accomplishing the task of drying! But I digress, the cloth is a blend of cotton and linen and a fine choice in the color of a rich burgundy.  It needs a pressing before hitting the cutting table.


The Work Space:

  • My Desk sans cutting table– I need to remove the scattering of papers that make up my work day and put them aside until tomorrow. 
  • The Kitchen Table – I need to set up the machine and remove the clutter of dinners and on going tasks.
  • The Pattern- I need to add an additional two inches on the bottom for a longer hem.

Now to finish dinner of pickles and popcorn – just love it when hubby is working late and I can, for a night, eat funny things!

The Cut:

Nice to be cutting a plain material.  Not enough space to lay it all out but with patience, I get it all done. 

The Cutting of cloth


The Sew:


I surged all edges and quickly pieced the garment together.  It went well.  I added pockets to the bottoms of the side fronts and they work well.

Considering facing for the jacketThinking

I decided to add facing to the front to add balance to the jacket.  It is the same material as the pockets – a hand woven traditional Vietnamese woven cotton. 

Will this work?Trimming the seam allowance for the neck



Almost doneThe finished frontThe Finished front

Onto the skirt this weekend. 


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