How to account for Prosperity amongst austerity?

Can we really prosper amongst the provisions of austerity? Yes!

Common sense is the first order of business – if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is!  Every one needs hope and this is what con artists sell – hope! The hope of riches, life, health, beauty. The best hope any one can have is to finish the day and start new tomorrow.

Prosperity is more than wealth, it comes from the heart.  It is not a con, it is a perspective of living that comes from within.

It is about loving what you do, who you are with and being personally responsible for yourself and your environment. It can take a lot of work to achieve but what else would you be doing?  Bemoaning your fate, any one can do that but it dose not open doors for prosperity.

Austerity is about having all that you need to exist, prosperity is about having all that you need to exist with benefits of a heart felt existence.

The choice is always yours.



2 thoughts on “How to account for Prosperity amongst austerity?

    • Thanks Kerri, I have enjoyed reading your blog and watching your sewing – you are a skilled seamstress!

      My perspective is hard won though years of experience and I am finding that my younger clients just don’t have a clue.Then again that can be said some of my clients of any age.

      I have been privileged to watch the successful and not so successful persons though years of service and I have found that those who are truly successful do their work from the heart. When I applied the heart to my work, I became successful. It is always one step at a time with no magic wands!

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