Winter wallows on my mind – a poem written 1995

winter wallows on my mind



the summer echoes of children

this day is quite

music provides presence

sunshine touches the inner wall as the

evening sun glides to the horizon

my plants stretch for its touch

to soon its light will fade from their view

winter is on its way




kids do not consider winter

in sunshine filled days

the grasshopper caught in the vent is

entertainment enough for their curiosity

I envy this innocence, this simplicity

far from intrinsic modern living

these children are ageless

winter is on its way



the beast that builds our burdens wanders by,

stranded, abandoned yet luckily found

in the depths of our hearts

wild passion flows from the desolate

revelry that awakens sleepers

is the unwelcome intrusion

it fades,

winter is on its way


the wind rustles though the suite

a fort of blankets,

a treasure of fresh fruit

hidden amongst the living room furniture

no safe place out of doors

for theses implements of childhood

today the wind is warm,


winter is on its way


an active neighborhood

by all accounts

planes, trains and automobiles

their melody flow amongst the old apple trees

crows defending what is rightfully theirs bellow resistance

here lie the seeds of decay

a warren for the unwanted, unloved

to absolve society they deface it

then go home

winter is on its way

heron a


beyond winter

lie the seeds of spring




cool warmth of the Capricorn sun

chasing shadows from the winter crevices of my mind

Beach view 2 the last morning


All photos by Cathy Tremain, Poem by Cathy Tremain



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