An idea for a cape

I saw this V1322

Vogue V1322

Misses’ Cape

so I came up with this

The first of front folds

More pins holdling the facingPinned in place

This is my muslin.

The fabric is a foundling from the thrift shop – a soft wool that was too hard to pass on.  2.25 meters was enough for what I had envisioned.DSC02017

So I laid it out and found what I felt was a worthy center and then cut.


The center is one piece like a kimono, 88 inches (2.25M) in length and shoulder to shoulder 44cm + seam allowance. This piece was then cut up the center to midway point and a t-shaped cut at the neck to give it the kimono opening.

The sleeve cap / side panels I measured for the shoulder of 7.5cm + seam allowance. As I am no longer a whips of a creature, I cut the side panels in a kind of bell shape.  This was Thursday night so I put the fledgling cape aside.

Then yesterday the bitch that bore me called wanting to see me.  To put a long story short, not all who bare children should raise them.  I was quickly tumbling into a psychosis of PTSD and help for this sort is not readily available on a Friday night. The fabric lay cut on the ironing board and the sewing machine was out – so I plied myself from my bad head space and concentrated on the putting together my creation.

A cup of coffee near by (this stuff is really good for mental health!) and basted the sides to the center piece.  This I threw over my shoulders and it felt good.  By now Loki (the fox terrier) was getting antsy for a cuddle on the couch.

Blanket stich by hand to calm my headspace

I was needing to continue sewing and Loki was needed her nightly TLC in front of the idiot box so I found a compromise.  I folded the right front part of the T on the center panel over and hand stitched a blanket stich. This worked well for two episodes of Battlestar Galactica  and I was able to baste both the right side and left side.

The front - folds finding their way to the peice

The right side is finished on this photo and the left was only pinned but the result was as if I had applied a facing.

Back of the neck

The back however did need need something to finish it up.  When I made the first cut to the material for the right center I was left with a piece that was 88inches long and about 5 inches wide.  I was thinking that I could finish it off as a scarf but it worked out when folded so and layered over back of the neck it looked very stylish.Pinned in place

The front view plied with pins keeping it together until I have my cuddle time with Loki and a needle and thread in front of the TV tonight.

More pins holdling the facing

Once it is sewn in place, I will re-seam the side panels making the seams a little bigger to remove some extra width at the shoulders.  I will then work on the front hand openings that I am planning on the seams.


3 thoughts on “An idea for a cape

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