The Finished Cape–almost

Well, almost finished as I write this.  Just a quick press and the fasteners to do.

A different viewJust needs the finishing touches

That may sound easy but I tend to get lost in the details.  I found some terrific dragon flies in copper but where to put them!          

Dragon Buttons


The lining – I tacked the front pieces to the shoulder seams. I don’t always like to cut being somewhat intrigued by folds. The result is that the shoulders stay on the shoulders when wearing without any clasps or ties. Though to have more mobility when wearing a tie or clasp will be utilized.

Tacking down the front lining flapThe lining front viewDSC02062

To hem the lining I used a big hair clip to keep the wool up while pining the garment. It worked well.

The front with experiential gather and non gatheredThe side view with an experiential gather

The non gathered sidePinning the lineingPinning the other side



I have a tendency to ware the garment before completion to get a feel for it.  This cape feels good.  I had originally left an opening for the arms in the front seams but while trying it out any movement of the arms away from the body were inhibited by the fount folds.  To remedy this, I will add a cuffed opening at the sides of the cape but only when all else is done.


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