The cape finishing touches


The Lining with hemp linen pockets.

In between clients, certification for 2012 US tax preparation, Christmas and the infinity of a bad back I have managed to make some headway on the cape.

It is fully lined in a purple jacquard cotton.  It hangs wonderfully and is a nice fit on the shoulders. To the lining I have added pockets from some scrap black hemp linen leftover from a vintage dress a few years back.

I have added the brass dragonfly’s as closures for the front.


From my jewellery box I am using beads and unworn pendants as fobs on the end of a silk ribbon to hold the cape closed.


Surprisingly they do the trick.DSC02111


Suitable bobbles from the jewellery box.



A close up of the dragonfly closures with the silk fobs holding the front closedDSC02116DSC02112

I am working up the courage to cut in to the sides and make the armholes!  It is like a puzzle but without the finished picture on top. So, I am taking it slow.