I installed Windows 8 and I love it!

I first installed it on my old laptop Computeras I had heard how it really revitalized the older models.  And I was very impressed with the final resultRolling on the floor laughing.  It took awhile to get there though!

There was a problem during the install but I prevailed!Just kidding It was my wireless internet security settings and the new program did not like the simple set up. 

So, I went around the house, reset the iTouch, the AP client, the second desktop and main desktop, the router and of course the laptop.  That took a bit as I had a dyslexic Green with envy moment in memorizing the password for the new settings.  The AP client where I stream my music was the most frustrating as I really need my music and this was where I inverted the code for the security.  OopsEmbarrassed smile!  It was only when I realized that I needed to reconfigure the wireless printer and was entering this long code for the third time that I had switched the position of the code.  The light went off and I fixed the AP client and had music once again streaming thought the house. Rainbow  This took the better part of my day.  (I really lead a quite life but enjoy my toys for my working environment!!)

So, a lot of work to make the laptop faster and easier to use.  And it is faster and easier to use.  Before, it was a glorified lump of coalSnail in the guise of a snail paced computer.  Now, it is fast and streamlined for my work.  And I work a lot!Money

The second computer I installed it on was problematic.Confused smile My partner uses this and he tends to keep things simple.  A few trusted programs and if they give him any grief, the are quickly removed.Devil  So it should have been very straight forward. 

The issue that was most confounding was the wireless internet.  I had rest the security so it should have been good but the installation bumps persisted. On the laptop I had to hardwire the internet for the install to complete.  On the second computer at the third attempt, we turned off the wireless and it installed ok. Punch

The second desktop computer was still weird and that took some hunting to discover the cause.Alien  My husband had set the icons to 180% so that he could see the screen.  Windows 8 didn’t recognize the odd number but installed anyway.  The windows explorer would not show on the screen but disappear in a blue bit of screen. Not a good start!Devil  I heard about the non working computer at every moment of his day until he headed off to work.  That was not fun!Sleepy smile

So, in the quite of MozartNote, I took a good look at the settings and changed the 180% back to normal.  Then I found the change the PC setting in the charm bar and with a click of the mouse, Windows 8 repaired it’s self Thumbs up.  Life is much better with his computer doing what it should.Peace

Third one is the charm they say!  And I do too.  I learned my lessons, turned off the wireless and let Windows 8 do its own install.  I was so confident about it, I started the install and headed out Autoon errands. Upon returning all I had to do was enter my preferences and passwords.  Red heart

Aside from my learning curve around the install, I love what I see.  I am tweaking this and that with a password or a reinstalling an older program but it is to be expected. Nerd smile 

Now to get ready for the tax season.  I have my PTIN, my 2012 tax programs so I am ready.  Just a dusting in the office and the fabric to put away until May.School

Life is good!Open-mouthed smile


2 thoughts on “I installed Windows 8 and I love it!

  1. I also installed Windows 8 on my laptop but I didn’t like its user interface. According to my opinion Window 7 is much better. Windows 8 is more suitable to touch screen tablets and laptops.

    • Funny but that is what my husband said after the first week of Win8 on his computer. I showed him a few of the gestures on the mouse and now he is a very happy camper. The computer works better! IMOH Win8 is what Windows was meant to be when computers went from DOS to Windows.
      Get a compatible mouse to use with Win 8, it will help. Go online and watch some tutorials.
      What my husband did not get was that the start screen with all its charms is what the Start in Win7 did. Once it is open, just go to the desktop and all is like it was in win7.
      Just remember that the corners are the key to using a mouse in Win8. Even with a touch screen, the mouse is still an important part of the Win8 experience.
      Having a touch screen is more intuitive as I have been using one for over a year now on my desktop with Win 7 and now Win8. Using a touchscreen has been very helpful as am ergonomic tool for my bad back. I know I won’t be going back to Win 7 with or without a touch screen.

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