What to Keep–the prong book for reference and data.

Below is an illustration of the prong books that I keep for reference data printed from pdf’s and government sites on taxation.  I find that this is a convenient way of keeping this type of data in the smallest amount of space. 

I use Acco prong Fasteners 8 1/2” by  3 1/2” in height.  A three hole punch and everything is held in place.  Some construction paper or card stock on the front and back to give it a bit of stability and it is good to go.  To keep the prongs in place a plane sheet folded as below will keep the prongs from popping out of the track.  I find that these are better then binder as they take up less space, are very easy to fix and when dropped they do not open to a slew of papers that may never make it back in order.  I have tendinitis in both wrist and I drop everything at some point in time so I know the last statement to be very true!

I have used this method with envelopes for receipts by date.  It works well and I can post the process if any one is interested. 



Insert the colored protector page under the last sheet of paper and before the craft paper, ensure that it is above the bottom prong.


This is how it will look from the top.


Pull it firmly but not too hard so that is between the two unfastened prongs.


Lay the sheet flat and attach the fastener above the colored paper.


Pull the paper tight against the fastener.


Flip the whole book upside down.


Fold the paper corners together to make a big point.



Pull till tight and then slip under the back prong fastener.



Label as desired. 


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