I cleaned my desk!

Gentielle likes the clean work desk 002
































Gentielle also loves the clean desk!

Tax forms are out and the clients call, email and the occasional one just shows up!  My sewing machines are packed and ready to into the shop.  The Pfaff won’t stay threaded and the Husqvarna surger is reshaping needles as I sew.  What ever mending I have been meaning to get to has to wait.

A client was delayed yesterday so I took the time to clean my desk.  Cat hairs and ink blotches on the desk were becoming bigger as the week was spent.

The actual worksurface     The work surface – a short time it will be piled high with papers!

The grain of the quarter sawn oak veneer of the year old worktop.Quarter sawen oak desk top A year later

I tried looking for a picture from the end of last tax season and actually there is no picture of the desk at the end of tax time.  It is a blur of white with tracks of yellow, green & blue.  The image is imposed on my memory – I have seen it many times yet I have not yet ventured to take pictures of my desk during the work.  Really, I see it all the time so a photo would too bland to view.

What I did find was Loki looking amiss in the sun while I work at my desk.

DSC00362 (2)What the...!

This was taken last year, March 3.  The sun was streaming in the office and was landing neatly on my client chair. Dear Loki was needing more attention so upon the realization that those who previously sat in this chair had my attention she jumped up and

DSC00364 (2)

sat in the warm sun.

So again this year I will neglect her for the stream of kind souls who file past this desk – it is only a few months each year and she will be happy for summer suns and warmer times as that is  when my work will slow down.


4 thoughts on “I cleaned my desk!

    • I hate it too! Luckily tax returns by the dozen are an easy coping mechanism. I was going to quickly change my office curtains when the Phaff went! I do have an old machine I can pull out but with my luck it too will break. Sewing will now have to wait!

      • Just last month I gave my second machine away. I had it for over 15 years and never once pulled it out. Now I’m without a back-up. I guess it’s OK if we find other things to do once in awhile. Although, office curtains sound pretty fun to me. Maybe next week. 🙂

        • You are so lucky not to have needed your backup- I am like a bull in a china shop when it comes to sewing machines. I have been known to take them apart and there is a 50/50 chance that I can get it back to work again. Granted it was easier on the 60 year old machines – no computers.

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