Photograph’s and images

Sax Point Park Msy 10 13 006

As a society they have grown with us and sometimes lead us. 

Lok, what a ham 001

Photographs portray a moment in time. 

spring 13 011 

And yearning.


spring 13 012



The improbable





garden 2013 009

They allow us to imagine and explore our planet and our place in it.

perffect dandylion 013

A photograph can make the ordinary beautiful.

Sax Point Park Msy 10 13 020

Most importantly, photographs allow us to reach beyond where we are. 

Pictures teach. 

Iris 2 5 10 13 009


Say no to child porn.  It teaches us to harm other for a picture!


2 thoughts on “Photograph’s and images

  1. You are so right, the ordinary can become very interesting and beautiful. Your dandelion is a case in point. Under most circumstances they are viewed as blight and in your photograph I can stop and see the wonder of them.

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