Botanical Beach, Juan De Fuca Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, Canada

 Camping 2013 184 (2)Click on any picture to enlarge.

Botanical Beach is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It is part of the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. It is an amazing place even in the morning fog.  We struck camp at 6:30 am  and made it down to Botanical Beach for the  8:09  am low tide of 1.5 feet.  It is a half mile  hike down to the beach from the parking lot.  The fog was heavy on the trees tops.

At the bottom of the steep terrain the beach opens up to the pacific ocean.   It is a vast space. Camping 2013 197 The blue of the ocean hides under the fog. The fog does not detract from the astounding space of Botanical Beach.

Camping 2013 247

The diversity is not only in the plant and animal life, it is compounded in the rock formations.

Camping 2013 192

Tide pools abound –  both small and large like the one above that mirrors the trees up on the cliff.

Camping 2013 173

Or like this one, small but deep.

Camping 2013 213

Or this one that harbours  a sea urchin and some sea vegetation.

Camping 2013 211

Camping 2013 261

Botanical Beach is a shutter bugs dream!  Everywhere you look, another stellar vista to take in.


2 thoughts on “Botanical Beach, Juan De Fuca Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, Canada

  1. I grew up on the northwest Pacific coast and the fog is very familiar to me. Looking at your photos, I know the feel of the air, the smells and sounds unique to the region. Thanks… they’re beautiful!

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