The Deer Came Back

The Fawn's

The Fawn’s

The twin is in the back ground if you look closely. She is hidden in the shadows.

They Came Back

The Doe felt that her twins are very safe in the back yard so they came back.


4 thoughts on “The Deer Came Back

  1. We have lots of deer, too. Just yesterday I looked out the window from my sewing room and saw a beautiful buck with a full set of antlers. They wreak havoc in my landscape, but are very beautiful. I saw a spotted fawn not toow long ago and it was soooo sweet. I lived in a highly developed forest area; we have encroached on their habitat and they are extremely tame and use our yards as feeding grounds. Can’t blame them, but neither can I grow certain things, because the deer always eat them. 🙂

    • Sounds like a nice room with a view! Luckily for the deer our back yard is a fresh water spring for most of the year and we don’t try to grow anything in the back so makes a perfect nursery for the deer. My front garden has been munched from time to time but I don’t mind too much. It is always fun finding the new plant that the deer will leave alone. Trial and error in that department as I believe that the deer will try almost anything.
      The funny thing about the deer here in Victoria is that the forest has been long gone and the deer thrive in the urban environment. They enjoy the golf courses and manicured gardens of the well to do – any green patch with tasty plants will do. And they can be found in every area of the city.

  2. How lovely to be able to observe the gentle deer from such close quarters. The word ‘yard’ amuses me slightly when in the UK it means a small mean concrete space surrounded by high walls. You have a beautiful garden!

    • The part of the garden where I get the best shots is actually my neighbours, no fence, no pesticides, a lot of water ( a spring runs though the back) cool insects, birds, trees and a lot of work to keep it all up. We are but a pit stop on a meandering path at the back of the landlords property that leads up to a city park along the train tracks creating a lush drive though for the meandering deer. It is a large piece of property that one day will end up as condos and concrete but for now I can enjoy taking the pictures.

      The deer may look gentle but a mother protecting her young will have great strength. We keep a wide berth around wild life young and old as urban encounters do not usually end up well for the wild animals.
      Personally I am awaiting for the cougars and bears to realize that we have an over abundance of fresh venison in the city. Then it will get interesting here.

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