Aug Fawn BW 2013

I couldn’t think of a better title.  Not that it matters much.  This animal’s youth is somewhat idyllic. Meandering from garden to yard, enjoying the bounty of the city.  An unnatural existence but the only one this young creature and her small family has ever known.

They are naturally watchful of their spaces.  A loud noise a block off will send them into hiding.  Instinct and instinct alone.  It serves them well.  They prosper as a species though they are not gathering in herds but only small family groups – easier to find safety in the city.

Yet as I watch this small family prosper in this urban setting I can’t help but wonder on the fate of all creatures outside of human species.  These creatures, great and small, can not vote, they usually only add to the economy upon their death and can not stop the destruction of their home. There is little political will when it comes to saving our global home.

We, those of us alive today, may be the last generation on earth to see wildlife at all. Whether it be the birds in the sky, an insect on a flower or mammals wandering across the horizon.

Maybe it we try hard, we can slow it down.

Plant a tree, actually plant 3!  One will most likely die and will nourishes the remaining two.  Until the trees mature, let open spaces go wild. No insecticides, no herbicides, just water, a few feathers (my ninety two year old Gran’s  recipe for growing tomatoes – a feather under the roots!) and a thank you for helping the human species overcome it’s own immaturity towards our only home.

It doesn’t sound like much but every little bit helps.  I think that we can move forward, increase the economy, increase our natural habitat and live in a very modern world.

To do this, we must first look at how we view our only home – the great (late?) planet earth a little differently than before.

He who has the most in the end will not win this race.  Really.  I have yet to witness anyone leaving this planet with any of the latest appliances, cell phones (astronauts always come back so they do not count), the fastest car or brightest diamond.

Chief Dan George once said that all we should leave behind is our shadow.  Use only what we need and no more.

This is hard to do when you a part of this society.  The latest and greatest fad of electronic, clothing, accessories, furnishing et el have very demanding places in this society.

I have my thoughts on this but not today.  My thoughts on recycling, up cycling, reducing, reusing and longevity.


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