Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside the Victoria Chalk Festival

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside the Victoria Chalk Festival


This last weekend we attended the yearly Chalk festival in Victoria BC,  It is all about street chalk drawing.  Each artist was given a square to do.  Downtown Sept 14 13 019Downtown Sept 14 13 125Downtown Sept 14 13 127Downtown Sept 14 13 119

Downtown Sept 14 13 025

Children were given small square to entice the artist flair.

Downtown Sept 14 13 064

There was a stage in Centennial Square with traditional native song, drumming and dance.  They were fantastic.  This was a youth group from the north Island and it was there first performance in public.  They did very well.  I love the traditional dress.



Native women singers Sept 2013These lovely woman sang traditional plains Indian songs and they were stunning from the traditional clothing to their collective voices.

Downtown Sept 14 13 024Downtown Sept 14 13 123



6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside the Victoria Chalk Festival

  1. I’ve seen chalk art in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland. It was fabulous. One man, I think he was from Italy, drew a pit with people climbing out of it that looked so real you were afraid to get too close for fear of falling in. All this beauty and with the first rain it’s washed away. Eek.. not sure I like that idea. If only there were a way to preserve it.

      • Yes, I was thinking about the monks who do the sand paintings; I think they’re Zen adherents, but not positive about that. The whole transitory thing is sometimes hard for westerners to grasp. We tend to want to preserve what we find beautiful… or at least I do.

        • Tibetan Buddhist monks practice sand meditation by creating medallions and when completed they literally blow them away! They came about 20 years ago and made one at the Victoria Art Gallery and when done – they blew and swept away the art. It was also very beautiful.

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