As the World Cooks – a foundling cookbook from 1938: Pumpkin Pie Recipe

As the World Cooks – a foundling cookbook from 1938: Pumpkin Pie

As the World CooksThis was found at the local thrift shop for $2.50.  The title is serious from a time of very serious matters.  It was compiled and printed in 1938 by volunteers for charity.

Over the next while I will  photograph the pages and share this gem.  The recipes are diverse and from around the world as it was known in Massachusetts in 1368.

As the world cooks - whoI am starting with the pumpkin pie as it is Thanksgiving here in Canada this coming Monday and Pumpkin pie is the go to desert for the occasion.

Pumkin Pie

All of the recipes assume that you know how to put it all together.  Some pages it is only the ingredients and the rest is up to you.  This one is fine but is only for the filling – these older women assume that you the reader will know the recipe off by heart for pastry.  I have a semblance of a pastry recipe in the back of my memory but I will always look for one just to make sure.    If I am feeling rich I will use a unsalted butter for a fine pastry instead of the lard that is typically used here in Canada – the lard box always has a pastry recipe on it and is decent enough for family and friends.


Have fun!




4 thoughts on “As the World Cooks – a foundling cookbook from 1938: Pumpkin Pie Recipe

  1. I like old cookbooks, too. And the world was so much larger in back then than it is today when we have instantaneous access to every imaginable cultural exchange via the internet. Things were actually “foreign” then where now everything is part of the global society. Pros and cons, I suppose.

    • I agree with you on this! Being global has it benefits and drawbacks. I can still remember when getting something made in China was filled with mystery.

      This old book stood out – the title – As the World Cooks. My son is studying to be a chef so it was purchased for him but he will have to wait until I have pictures of each page.

      • I have a wonderful old book that belonged to my mother when she was a girl; it is entitled, “If I Were Going” and is about traveling to different country via an ocean liner. The illustrations are so cool and I remember her reading it to me and I was sooo drawn to the drawings trying to imagine what it would be like to be in places like England or Lapland or Egypt. Mystery is exactly the word for it, mystery and intense interest. I love our modern ability to travel and experience different cultures, but finding our differences is becoming a bit more challenging.
        Anyway, wonderful book! 🙂

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