Washed Wool

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Funny that http://didyoumakethat.wordpress.com/2013/10/20/fabric-focus-wool/ has wool as the Fabric Focus.  This is wool that I have washed – sanitized in the washing machine for about 2 hours with my hemp slippers to felt the wool. I would do this three or four times when doing some deep cleaning on rugs and slippers to get a felted wool. These materials are part of my stash of thrift store material purchases. So no great loss if I bung it up.

As the main body is plaid each peace was individually cut to match the plaid. Wool coat front side panel As this is a curvaceous pattern the end matching should be close but it is too soon to tell. The wool cuts like butter and no fraying involved! Cut wool

Here is my posting of this pattern last year  https://austerity101.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/now-for-my-jacket

For this coat I have lengthened the pattern to knee lengthThe pattern adjustment. The beige will be the front facing and the under front panel. It will also be used for a collar which I have to create and the under sleeves.  I haven’t ironed the wool as it will undo some of the felting and I am hoping that this process will keep me dry and warm this winter.

Other things 022 This bright blue will be the lining.  It is sand washed silk and very thick.  It also is a thrift shop find of 20$ for 4 meters – plenty to line a long coat.

In between the wool and silk I will put in a cotton quilting felt to add to the warmth. Each piece will be cut to the felt – so it will take a bit before I can post the finalized garment.



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