Basted: The washed wool winter coat.

Basted: My washed wool winter coat.  The beginnings.


Wool coat front side panel

The washed wool was a 4 meters of wool plaid found at the thrift shop for 10$.  I washed it in hot sanitize cycle of my washing machine with the bath mats and slippers!  This was done over two years and the material stuck around in the stash.  I suspect that this winter will be cold and that I need a proper warm coat.

For the pattern, I am using the 1912 traveling coat. I really like the princess cut of the pattern.  It is easy to meld into my shape.  As I added greatly to the length to bring the coat to just above my knees I found that I was a bit short.  So the under sleeves and front under panel are in the natural wool.


Other things 023The coat will comprise of the washed wool in plaid and a natural wool also picked up from the thrift shop for a few dollars and washed the same as the plaid over time. I purchases some quilting cotton batting for the inner layer for warmth.  The lining will be in blue sand washed silk. Again, a thrift shop find of 6meters for 20$.

Other things 022


Nov 7 13 014When I put the cut wool  pieces together and sewed them on they shifted.  And that was with the walking foot in full gear!  So, I pulled each seam apart and hand basted each seam so the plaid now matches at all seams.

Washed wool coat front zipper view

The front opening is by zipper on the left side.  Again this was had picked into place and topstitched by hand to keep it there.

Washed wool coat - basted front view

Washed wool coat - basted backt viewSo before I can add the interlining and lining, I will topstitch by hand all seams.  This is to seal each seam with the overlap.  It will add bulk that will be hidden once the interlining is in place. Then I will steam the seams.  Then on to the interlining, lining, hood and cuffs.



4 thoughts on “Basted: The washed wool winter coat.

      • I will definitely be watching for your next installment on on your progress. I took a temporary job last Friday and have been working very long hours, so my blog following has been put on the back burner and once behind it’s hard to catch up with what others are doing, but I’m doing my best. 🙂

        • Jobs can be fun – I hope that it is something that you enjoy:-) . Currently I am wading though corporate tax returns. Makes it hard to finish projects however the cold is coming and I hate being cold!

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