Photo Update of the hand sewn coat

Craigflower 004The pockets are in place and the lining is now attached in every way.  Now just to finish the edges. Thanks for looking.Craigflower 006Craigflower 005Craigflower 087

Craigflower 103Craigflower 105Craigflower 107Craigflower 112Craigflower 119Craigflower 140the cat trying for the warmth of the coffee machine!


Craigflower 166This photo is the best color of the silk lining.  Craigflower 185Hemp thread closures for the inside hooks.


Craigflower 197Craigflower 203


5 thoughts on “Photo Update of the hand sewn coat

      • Sorry to have not kept current with you and others whom i follow, but I’m working long hours at the moment and have little time. I do remember that you started your plaid coat and am happy to see that you’re coming along so nicely. It looks great! 🙂

        • I remember that you have taken a busy job and it being the onset of winter everyone is busy! Thanks for taking the time to look today!

          Even though it is not yet finished (the hem) I have been wearing it out today to break it in and to see where yet to apply a snip, nip or other such thing to it. It has been fun and very relaxing though it would have been very handy when the temperature dropped last week! All things in there own time I guess. Have a great week!

          Don’t work too hard as life is just too short 🙂

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