Another Tax season near completion.

Done.  Well almost.  Tax returns for the year 2013 and of course, a few stragglers. My count is 190.  For the  three of us it is a lot of work – me, myself and I.  If you break it down that way it is easier to manage. Really!

It is not that doing taxes is hard – there can be a lot to remember especially in the year of change. That is when you should see a  professional.

Needless to say that my sewing projects were put on hold and the mending is piling up.

’I’ was able to source some cheap material from value village, one is a light mauve duck – 7.5 meters for 4$.  Can’t go wrong at that price.  I have a few ideas for it but first I need a skirt.  My old favorites are just that –old.  They will work as lining and interlinings but not much else.


More to come – the sewing is calling!


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