Old Man Willow

Old Man Willow has  a mind of his own.  willow 024

A view from way down the street!  there is another house behind the tree.

willow 029

The Old willow tree from up the street!  It is majestic.

Somewhere under the long branches are is our power line.

willow 033

It is truly a healthy tree. 

willow 025(Before the cut)

Tree Experts came over the weekend to trim the tree from the power lines.


July 016

Now you can see the power lines! And day light!

This was done so the electricians can come in and fix the power line into the house.  One of the old limbs was resting on our power line and with the added weight pulled the power line into the roof of the house.  A dangerous happening by all accounts.  This must have happened over winter allowing animals to find shelter in our attic.  I know I heard them in the attic but it took until late spring to find the opening left by the willow.


We have covered the opening with a cut piece of tarp.


willow 044

The willow is very old – over a hundred is my best guess.July 026



Thanks for reading!


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