Hello, Dear tax client

I hope that this finds you well.

Me, I am doing very well. This last spring I was headhunted. Truly a moment out of the movies. An anonymous caller on the display.  The familiar voice of an old client.  A generous offer of employment with a reputable software company.  Doing what I do best – helping others!

The offer was very generous. I weighed your need for those few hours each spring, the value of your smile and the warmth of your good buy till next year.  I creaked and stretched these old bones, scanned the neglected garden and looked longingly at the cloth stash in the back.

Time for change.

I took the job.  Since the end of May I have been employed full time with ComVida Corporation a made in Canada software company. My new work is fun, challenging and a full bent learning environment.

I need to let go of my sole proprietorship.  I haven’t yet finished the year off for my tax returns so once they are finished so am I.  For 23 years I have processed details of your lives and others like you.  I have seen what works and what doesn’t. Young and old, each has its place in our society. And I have grown thought it all. You have been a wonderful teacher and for that I thank you.

I have learned that each moment is precious. And those who are close to me I have tended to neglect the most during tax season. I now find that I need more time for my self and my loved ones so I bid you farewell. 



To my word press readers – I am posting this here for feedback.  I haven’t yet sent this out or told many that I am closing my business.  I have been so busy working full time and running my business after hours.  First I wanted to ensure that the job would work –  there was a reason for being self employed for 23 years. And now I just need to finish the year before I can truly rest in the security of full time employment. And Sewing!



3 thoughts on “Hello, Dear tax client

  1. Ada says:

    Dear Cathy – Graham and I knew the time was coming – I remember you saying you were thinking of making a change a couple of years ago – Congratulations on your decision and your dedication to all your clients over the years.

    It will seem a little odd not to say – “Well it is time to phone Cathy!!” – but we will now have to be the grown-ups that we have turned into (yeah, like that is ever going to happen) and find a new tax accountant – but most important of all – to wish you the absolute very best of everything because that is what you truly deserve.

    It has been more than a pleasure knowing you Cathy, please be well.

    Loves and hugs being sent to you……

  2. Ada says:

    Hello Cathy – may I please have your telephone number? You have me phone number, so it is easy for you to leave me a message. Thanks!!!!

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