Weekly Photo challenge: Now–to break fast. Instructions for a quick ham and cheese omelet, hash browns and toast


Nothing like a fresh omelet, hash brown potatoes and toast for breakfast.


Clean and cut into bite size pieces three potatoes.


In a hot pan have some fresh ground pepper with the oil.  I use coconut oil to cook with.


Add your spuds and stir so that all pieces are evenly coated with pepper and oil.


Sauté for a few minuet – to speed up the process add some water – take the pots lid and fill with a bit of water.  Pour over the spuds and put the lid on quickly to hold the steam.


For the omelet crack three eggs in a deep bowl and add about two tablespoons of water – I just eyeball it but not too much.  Set aside.  Finely chop one or two thin slices of onion.   Heat up your pan but not too high of a heat.  Add oil and spread evenly over the pan with a paper towel.  When hot add the finely chopped onions and sauté.  Chop the ham (or nuts – cashews are wonderful in an omelet) finely and set aside. 


Grate the cheese finely into the eggs and water.  Whip it good (only place that I can say this and not have the authorities banging down the door).


Pour the egg and cheese mixture into the hot pan.  DSC07763

Add the finely chopped ham.  Note that you can sauté the ham with the onions but the omelet will stick to the pan if you do.  When chopped finely it will cook in the eggs just right.



Cover and cook until done.


Serve with the potatoes, toast and coffee.  Enjoy Smile


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