2015–the backside of another year– Time to look forward too

It was a good year overall.  Not enough sewing projects were completed but I still have not given up on them.  I guess it is to be expected having a full time job and an almost full time self employed business and family to help keep it all together.

DSC07789Not enough posts either. Perhaps I will get to more of these in the new year.

There is the Mona Lisa – my red. So named  because I have been working on it for over a year.  It will look good and fit like a glove but as of yet I have no where to ware it.  So I will be patient. DSC07773

There is the almost finished kimono that I have started for my partner – mostly finished so perhaps this weekend.  Both the Kimono and the Mona Lisa red dress are currently residing on my dress mannequin dummy– (Daisy is the dummy’s name – just in case you ask.)  Daisy is residing in my office at the moment and doing an additional duty of holding the felted wool coat – just because it is very cold outside and it is a good fit.


DSC07718 (2)And for some reason as if I had nothing to do I started knitting again.  It is fun and sometimes I can actually do two things at once.


The photographs are a nice distraction from the everyday pressures so they continue to pop out of my camera. I enjoy sharing them here on the blog – keeping it simple while I do.

I am looking forward to sharing a stellar 2016 here when I can.  Life sometimes just gets  busy!


Have great New Year Folks.




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