Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

Landscape is usually long sweeping vista unless you happen to live on the west coast – more specifically inland from the coast.  DSC05813

Now to get the sweeping views – the trees need to go, so happy lumberjacks will come along and take them all down.  If you live at the top of the mountain it can improve the view but only from the top.


So after the lumberjacks come the tree planters – a lot of money can be made for the fastest and the fittest.  The shot above has been replanted sometime in the last 10 years.   Someone finally figured out in the last 20 years that  if you clear the side of the mountains of all trees the side could come down in a heavy rain.  So they leave some patches not unlike a poorly shaved head across the landscape.   I figure the tall trees are around 75 – 100 years – just a guess.  Old growth trees are so very, very huge and most of the island has been logged of the old growth trees.



Thanks to our wonderful tourists complaining back in the day about the clear cutting practices that would strip whole mountain sides.  So the planning department of forests along with the ministry of tourism have put in place that if the tourist can see the clearings – then keep them small.  So the mountainsides are so much more lush these days.  the temperate climate here keeps it all growing – so a worthy compromise between the environment and the  commerce.


We still have a long way to go but it all helps


From my campsite last summer – the sun is high – it is just after 10:30 am  and it had not yet breached the top of the trees. These are second growth trees – 80 – 100 years old.DSC05843

DSC06144  To  see any sweeping vistas – I recommend a lake, beach or mountain top.    Me – I am just being silly – finished my Grace sweater (almost buttons and blocking to do yet) so I need to fill my time will silly blogs on landscapes..


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