I have a motto – it is “Let me try this”

In early January I took on a knitting protect with a delicious plum yarn ( found here: http://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/mirasol-yarn-nuna).

So I stated the shawl and it looked good but didn’t feel right.  So, it was frogged – the knitting term for starting over.DSC09324.JPG


From my stash I had knit a similar hood in February – it was the beginning, neat yet not really something I would enjoy over time.  So I picked up my needles, checked the gauge and cast on Turkish style.


With a lot of making 1, knit front and back, a couple of short rows I created my ZeeHoood.



I never liked the points of modern hoods so I made the top round like my head!

The front opening measures 46.5 inches so it wraps nicely around the neck when needed.  It was finished in the stocking stitch for the nice rounding that complements the style of the hood.

The back of the neck is tapered to a front point that tapers nicely below the neck.

Yes, my model is a melon place on a large glass vase.




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