Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

what a concept.  Noticed these lawn ornaments chowing down on the morning glory – a pest devouring another pest.  Both can look good though.  DSC09465.JPG

Today it was a breading pair that graced our backyards looking for the good stuff. Usually it is just the doe and perhaps a fawn or two. Hardly see the bucks.


Notice how the horns are velvet, this new growth that will soon be scraped off.  4 points and he still looks good.  Urban life for the dear can be very harsh. I have seen several over the years with gashes and broken legs from jumping the fences.  If there is food – they will jump and pretty much anything (except thistles) will tempt their pallet.


I rarely see older does – parenting is hard under the best of conditions.  And this one is so young and small.  I suspect her life will not be as long as the bucks.  Though you never know she may beat the odds.



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