Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos to Transmogrify – my Tiny new sewing space.

The chaos of moving was still apparent in my tiny sewing space three weeks after moving in to a tiny condo in Sooke, BC.  My Transmogrify space is along the back wall of a large bedroom.

Sewing rm 3wks after move in.jpg

I was able to set up a dedicated sewing space after years of sewing on the kitchen table. Three weeks after move it was still chaotic – the above picture. Prior to the move I sold three large boxes of material – it was just over half of my stash.  But I still have a lot left – it fills the baskets at the left wall of the shot above shot.

sr getting origanized.jpg

Getting organized took the better part of a day.

Chaos getting under control.jpg

SR 4 wks plus 2.jpg

On the forth week in our new digs, I was able to spare some time to tackle the chaos of my sewing space – the above pic’s show the organized chaos of moving the materials in baskets to hang on a wall board.  Originally I was going to hang them from the ceiling but hubby nixed that idea. The space still had that feeling of chaos when done – above pic.


It didn’t feel right so a timely gift of cash from my lovely realtor, Nicole Caldwell from Pembertom Holmes (Victoria) paid for the a 6 foot mobile shelf.   It started on the left of the space and moved to the  right to help subdue the noise transfer from my next door neighbor. And it holds all baskets of material and boxes of patterns.  Plus the necessary clutter of mending, threads and tools.

The wall.jpg

In our old place, we had wool carpets hiding the ugly rental floors but here the 7 x 13 floor rug could serve a better purpose on the wall as sound insulation between the units.   So I attached by hand a strip of soft Velcro two inches wide along the back of the run. We stapled  the bumpy Velcro strip to some scrap wood that was then attached to the wall.  It works for sound reduction and looks good in the room.


the sewing space.jpg

My transmogrify sewing space is still a work in progress. The table for the machines folds down so when the space is needed it can be quickly set aside.  My hubby found a used IKEA table with tall legs to be used as a drafting/cutting table.  It fits over the sewing table when the machine is place on the floor.

So, my new Transmogrify sewing space.  I am still finishing up old projects and a ton of mending. I did manage to transform some of my yellow linen into a nifty Roman shade for the room.  Added hooks to hold old weaving cotton from the 60’s, threads, tape measures, scissors, ribbons, string and a C.



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