Weekly Photo Challenge – the last one Capturing Rainbows.

capturing rainbows.jpg


These challenges are now set aside for the new.

My favorite photo is hard to find.  I chose this one of rainbows captured on the pure spring water.  It is abstract, like myself. And full of the colors of the rainbow.  The water is pure and the springs pebbly bottom adds texture to the rippled sunlight.


It was fun doing these challenges,  I just had to be else ware for a while, so I let these challenges slip on by.  Perhaps something else will pique my interest and I will share.  Till then,


When we Whisper our dreams, do they fall away from us



DSC01296.JPGWhen we Whisper our dreams, do they fall away from us

Are they a soft spring rain lit by the morning sun.

the making of dreams are held in rainbows and wishes.

Whispers fall like the promise of a long awaited spring, swaying in the winds that shape our dreams.