Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose


Old flower frogs are repurposed as the desk pen holder.


An impromptu dog house from a side ways willow basket, some thick wool and a small rug as a door of sorts.  Loki  loves it!



Weekly Photo Challege: Numbers

Capture.JPGAs always I went looking for a photo specific to numbers – as I was scrolling though the massive amount that i have on my computer I decided to take a screen shot of the lot.  Numbers – here there are lots.  The blue icons are raw images of the JPEG – I have the Sony take both – just in case i want to do some fine editing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Point of View : 2

The George Sept 8 mirror 010

This morning I rose early to find a beautiful day!

The George Sept 8 mirror 031

I woke the dog, grabbed the camera and headed for the Gorge waterway.

The dockThe George Sept 8 mirror 099

The Gorge is a salt water waterway that runs though the city.  This day the water was mirror like in it’s calmness and a stunning opportunity for photograph’s.

The George Sept 8 mirror 188The George Sept 8 mirror 186The George Sept 8 mirror 199