The park in black and white

The park in black and white

Sometimes to understand a complicated subject, we need to put it to black and white.


Close to the end – my friend Passed away yesterday.

The Last visit

The Last visit

My friend loved the this original photo and had it up in her room right till the end.

Yesterday my friend passed quietly away – her fragile strength overwhelmed by cancer.  I took Gentielle the ginger cat to see her  shortly before she passed- My friend knew we were there but was not able to pull herself in to conciseness.  It was hard for Gentielle to be apart from her master. I felt the few pounds of cat would be too disruptive and a sharp claw too hurtful, that was my decision not Gentielle.  Gentielle then let me hold her for the first time since I have known her.  I stood with her for 20 minuets or more in my arm at our friends bedside.  Gentielle watched the face of my friend these many minuets as the fragile strength of breaths struggled to let go. I like to think it was that she was looking for recognition of her friend and caregiver of many years who the same but different. But she looked and I held her as our friend began her journey of the soul.

Patricia and Gentiele 006

I like this version as the compassion and long time friendship shows in the ever delicate movements between these two old friends.

Gentielle has taken well to her new home.  She is old, 14 by all accounts but still able and frisky.  Enjoys sitting on top of the office speakers as they are warm and it is a up a great distance from the dog.

A close friend of mine is now in hospice.  The breast cancer is taking its toll on her fragile strength.  My partner and I have adopted her long time friend Gentile the ginger cat.  For 13 years they were close friend and allies in our every changing world.

Patricia and Gentiele 003

Now the circle of life brings on a change that is hard for either to accept however both are grateful for the time that they share together.

Their comfort and bonds are all too evident in this photograph.  I have embossed it to protect the identity of my friend as she is not too please with all of this social media.  Nor the effects of the hard medication that allows her to struggle on against this cancer.

Of note: all photos are my original photos.