A photo or two for the tale of the lame gosling.

Late last summer I moved to a small condo. The property is on a small basin of water that is home to Canada Geese.  This years brood has hatched and the parents are dutifully tending to these young.  


Walking the dog down to beach I spied a lone gosling on the berm.  I took Loki back to our unit and grabbed the camera.  When I returned, the young gosling was still there. He sat there a bit and I slowly edged closer.  It was odd, as they usually shy quite quickly. I took a couple of photos, and edged closer still. 

The goslings parents were on the beach with the rest of the brood, and I stayed my distance.   I looked back to the lone gosling and he was doing his best to make it down the berm, the gosling had an injured foot.  He was slow but determined to meet up with his family.  It was an odd reunion,  the parents didn’t rush to meet this little lame gosling, they stayed back and assessed his condition. 



The little gosling is just shy of the waters edge at the far left of this photo. 



The geese filed into the water, and the little lame gosling, did the same at a distance.  The lameness on the land was not a hindrance in the water and he was able to catch up and find his place with his family

This was a happy ending.  This time.


The goslings numbered 8 on May 13th.  The basin is filled with life both above and below the water.