Sewing with Hemp linen. A quick finish to the sleeve.

Hemp Linen (40% Hemp/60% Organic Cotton) is a joy to work with.  The more that it is worked, the softer it becomes.DSC02057

I have worked with this before with great success.  The lace is a cotton 1” that I picked up years ago.  When folded and sewn over the materials edge the finish is clean and wears really well.  DSC02060

One of the property’s of hemp woven material is that the hemp will have a tendency to bind to itself naturally during wear.  So it will not come apart under the lace. 

I will be using this technique on the neck for this hemp shirt. 



The Blue Hemp Dress: a follow up on not finishing the seams.

blu hemp 022

Yes, it works like a charm!  The fraying that you see here will not increase.  Hemp linin is self finishing!  5 washes and the edges bind together like soft Velcro. 


blu hemp 020blu hemp 023blu hemp 024

To boot, the first three washes, iron while still fresh from the washing machine and the seams learns to stay open!  I only need to iron if I need it to look crisp from here on.  The shots of the seams above are fresh from the dryer with no ironing. The caveat is to pull the dress (hemp linen garment) from the dryer (not an overly full one to crush the garment)  as soon as it stops and hang it up.  Put on a hanger and Done.


Here are some shots of the zipper after

One wash after the ironing.

family 006

three washes (still damp but drying) and after the ironing.thursday 005

Love it!