Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose


Old flower frogs are repurposed as the desk pen holder.


An impromptu dog house from a side ways willow basket, some thick wool and a small rug as a door of sorts.  Loki  loves it!



Weekly Photo Challege: Numbers

Capture.JPGAs always I went looking for a photo specific to numbers – as I was scrolling though the massive amount that i have on my computer I decided to take a screen shot of the lot.  Numbers – here there are lots.  The blue icons are raw images of the JPEG – I have the Sony take both – just in case i want to do some fine editing.

The Fawn is growing up.

The young buck

I took my camera today when I walked Loki – it was a delicious fog and would have been silly not to get a photo or two.fog 026

As luck would have it the young buck that was the focus of my camera as a fawn was looking to get away from a guy with a camera that was getting a bit too close.  The young buck was headed for a very busy street and I mentioned to him that it would not be a good way to go so he turned and ran past the dude with the camera. Cool!

Really he was eyeing Loki on the end of my leash and that helped push him away from dancing in-between impatient drivers on the busy road over the embankment. And I did mange to get his great escape in a photograph or two.

The young buck on the runThe young buck and the photographer

Last I saw of him he was prancing into the condo’s with the dude following him.  To be fair the deer do make for good stories and photographs and the dude most likely lives in the condo’s and was out cleaning up the fallen leaves and lo, here comes this young buck. Pulled  out the camera to capture the moment on his phone. Luckily the deer here are used to us humans and know it is better to just walk away.