Austerity for the planet – our last chance. Really.

Our planet has a bug.  Human parasites that have been increasing the temperature of a whole planet.  No mean feat really.  How many latte’s must I drink for  my impact to be felt.  2.  That isn’t many but as my best guess, i will stand by it.  So, i am 15089 latte’s over my limit, perhaps more as i haven’t kept count.

Latte’s and coffee are my last addiction. In each sip, i understand the human carbon chain that allows for me to enjoy this powerful drug.

The latte in this photo was crafted by a barrister that has practiced this  art for 15 years.   It was an amazing day with my daughter in town.   Dresses were bought and long talks over latte’s and smoothies.


Our conversations often turn to the environment and how precious and unique it is.    And as there is so many of us humans, that we must all really do our part to slow down and care for our only home, the planet earth.

Really, if you were an alien from another planet, would you recuse us as a species.   I know i would hesitate and ponder deeply our need to survive.  Over a Latte if you please.

I know i digress but that is how i am wired and coffee is my medicine to keep it in check. enjoy your day.







Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Joy is when you love something and it loves you back.

I LOVE coffee!  And it officially loves me back! 


Really!  Also I got 5lbs of Organic French roast bean from Bill and I got 5lbs of Organic French roast bean from Bill for Christmas.  That is a cool 10lbs of Organic coffee and that is a lot to love!  Love it when you know Bill and he knows that you love coffee!

Photograph’s and images

Sax Point Park Msy 10 13 006

As a society they have grown with us and sometimes lead us. 

Lok, what a ham 001

Photographs portray a moment in time. 

spring 13 011 

And yearning.


spring 13 012



The improbable





garden 2013 009

They allow us to imagine and explore our planet and our place in it.

perffect dandylion 013

A photograph can make the ordinary beautiful.

Sax Point Park Msy 10 13 020

Most importantly, photographs allow us to reach beyond where we are. 

Pictures teach. 

Iris 2 5 10 13 009


Say no to child porn.  It teaches us to harm other for a picture!

What to keep–a look at what is needed to show compliance with the “Tax Man”

To date this year, I have prepared 190 tax returns – T1 Generals, T2 Corporate and 1040 US tax forms.  It sure adds up.  And quick.

The spring time for me is brutal.  Thousands of receipts are queried by these hands and eyes.  Coffee is good for this. Especially when you punctuate the day with chocolate covered espresso beans!  I digress but in my defence it was a blog about coffee that brought me to this – tax season.

Tax-season will be upon us shortly.   All too soon my phone will ring and the appointments will be set. My clients will arrive with bags, boxes and envelopes.  Some will have tallied the mountainous receipts but mostly they are in order.

The receipts are in order because they have been here before and know the drill.  It takes a few times with new clients to get that they need to keep the receipts.  Of course some receipts are easy to reappear like the dentist and chiropractors.  A quick phone call, the fax number passed on and the receipt appears here in my office.  Others are elusive and take time to make it to my desk.

For some, all I can say is “Sorry, if you are audited then you will owe. If the receipt dose reappear, then we can adjust the tax return(s) for the year and claim the expense or credit.”  Sometimes the client walks away never to return.  Most take the lesson and begin the process of keeping the correct receipts.

So then during the year I get the call, is this receipt worth keeping, can I claim it.  If yes, they then keep it and safely.  It is important and will possibly reduce the tax liability if they do have taxes owing.

But what do you really need to keep for our compliance? And why compliance?

Compliance is the new buzz word with governments.  It a state of being that we are following the rules as set by the elected ruling party.

Now the funny thing that I see is that the elected ruling party inherits a slew of civil servants to set up new rules with the new ideas of governance. As these new rules must be legal, the language is the language of lawyers and because it deals with finances, the language of the accountants are added to the mix. For most it is confusing. Some days it confuses me too, but I can get over it!  Part of my hardwiring is figuring out intricacies like a puzzle.

My clients are teachers, counsellors, artists, retailers, retired, new immigrants, and corporations. Some are just simple folk, not educated nor are they well enough to maintain compliance with complex rules. Really, it is the people that I enjoy the most.  The stories of travel, new jobs, new businesses, loves and losses.  And I enjoy helping them though the rules of taxation.

Thanks for reading this.  I will be adding more in the coming weeks as I begin to prepare for tax season.

Winter wallows on my mind – a poem written 1995

winter wallows on my mind



the summer echoes of children

this day is quite

music provides presence

sunshine touches the inner wall as the

evening sun glides to the horizon

my plants stretch for its touch

to soon its light will fade from their view

winter is on its way




kids do not consider winter

in sunshine filled days

the grasshopper caught in the vent is

entertainment enough for their curiosity

I envy this innocence, this simplicity

far from intrinsic modern living

these children are ageless

winter is on its way



the beast that builds our burdens wanders by,

stranded, abandoned yet luckily found

in the depths of our hearts

wild passion flows from the desolate

revelry that awakens sleepers

is the unwelcome intrusion

it fades,

winter is on its way


the wind rustles though the suite

a fort of blankets,

a treasure of fresh fruit

hidden amongst the living room furniture

no safe place out of doors

for theses implements of childhood

today the wind is warm,


winter is on its way


an active neighborhood

by all accounts

planes, trains and automobiles

their melody flow amongst the old apple trees

crows defending what is rightfully theirs bellow resistance

here lie the seeds of decay

a warren for the unwanted, unloved

to absolve society they deface it

then go home

winter is on its way

heron a


beyond winter

lie the seeds of spring




cool warmth of the Capricorn sun

chasing shadows from the winter crevices of my mind

Beach view 2 the last morning


All photos by Cathy Tremain, Poem by Cathy Tremain


Seeking the dragons breath

Boticanial Beach



Seeking the dragons breath

I venture onwards

Daring to dream of success

Seeking the dragons breath

I venture out


Some say look to the north in silence

And you shall find him.

Others say dance in the East

And he shall find you.

Children say listen to the west wind

And follow the sigh unto him.

Travelers say sail south,

Mayhaps you shall find him.


Seeking the dragons breath

I venture onwards.

Trekking though the north

Elusive is the trail

Galloping in the east

I brush right by

Hiking hard to the west

An incandescent whisper, come hither.

Sailing the southward currents

A taste of what may yet come.


Seeking the dragons breath

Daring to dream of success

I breathe deep the north wind,

His essence tantalizes me with startled cold

I grasp hard the east wind,

Strength assails my senses entwining anon.

I stretch within the western breeze

Enveloping my soul with dew bent mists.

I reach openly for the southern gust

Tantalized within the perfumed warmth


Seeking the dragons breath

I venture out

Searching the northern sky

I spy him in a stayed motion dance

Our ethereal eastern spear

Radiates the warmth of tomorrow

The majestic western horizon

Bespeaks his soul in reflective beads

Blazing southern light

Dances across our flame swept eyes


Seeking the dragons breath

I venture on

The northern tundra crackles beneath my feet

Its coldness shatters me

The eastern sands swallow my gait

I gasp as I am engulfed

The western hills accept my step

Prickling with intensities

The southern waters lap at my feet

Plying to carry me away


Seeking the dragons breath

Daring to dream of success


I search our vast blue sky

Hollow wailing of wind bumble across the icy tundra

Breathing deeply beyond the cold

I am bound

The dragon’s breath billows deceptively across

The depth of stars circling the dome of midnight

Waiting, daring, dreaming of being touched

Sleepily nudged by the east’s tantalizing glow

I unbound the jaded sleep

Garnered in the southern warmth

I embark forward into the day

With the western dusk

Again I pass to nigh

Daring to dream


Seeking the dragons breath

I look back at the way that I came.

The southern haze reflects his image,

Distorting all before me in swaths of light

The western mists echo deeply,

Vibrating laughter clings enticingly electric

The eastern emptiness shadowed with light

Obscuring desolate alone stands

The northern sky

Shimmers with visions of otherness


Seeking the dragons breath

I need only look within

Daring to dream of success

Seeking the dragons breath

I venture in words…