The ginger cat Gentile enjoys her breakfast

    The ginger cat Gentile enjoys her breakfast – the time change meant that she was a late in getting fed.  Her impatience is captured here.  No program has touched this photo  – it is the same as what my camera holds.    

The Gorge Nov 2013 004It is funny when she does this and my camera was on my desk – so I took four shots and this is the forth!  The first three were wrought with hand shake – so I put the camera on the desk and hit the button. 

What I find interesting is the reflection in the water black water dish in that it carries on the vase with the butter fly in  it. The only light was the overhead light and very low at that.  The sun would not rise for half an hour so that I can rule out.  

Any thoughts?   I have no explanation.            

The Gorge Nov 2013 003

I am including the one taken just before I placed the camera on the desk for the breakfast shot for comparison.