Weekly Photo Challenge: Dancing with creativity

Do you enjoy your creativity? I do, I often dance between projects and work.  The grey is for the Grace sweater by Jane Richmond.  So far so good.


The yarn is Sweet Fiber DK in smoke.  It is wonderful to work with.  Still on the first sleeve so it is will be a bit. DSC08256

I found that butting a chair up to my desk was a good holder for the skein to wrap it up into a usable ball.DSC08245

My other project is mine by design.  I was never one for the points in hoods so I stay away from them until I had an idea.  The first run looks good.  Now to draft the pattern.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame of Mind

I have been knitting with an passion.  So – it is truly my frame of mind. Loki’s frame of mind is in her stomach – truly she is not impressed with knitting.