Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame of Mind

I have been knitting with an passion.  So – it is truly my frame of mind. Loki’s frame of mind is in her stomach – truly she is not impressed with knitting.



Weekly Photo Challenge; Seasons

Laying in the sun – a treat for old dogs.  She is happy that the season is changing and getting warmer.DSC08137 bwDSC08133DSC08129

The changing of the season means I will have to wait to wear the grey sweater.  The kitting on the white ball is my attempt at a hood with no point.  When I succeed I will share it here.

weekly photo challenge: art

canon 18 - 55 mm test 059Recycled manhole covers for some abstract art on the old city street.

Eons ago this used to be very busy bus stop and the city tore is up as it brought unfavorable attention or some such thing..  For the life of me I don’t want to understand that sitting below the great columns upon the high ledge was such a big deal – it was a great vantage point for many thing especially finding our bus in a busy crowd!.  canon 18 - 55 mm test 057

Some of the walkway in front of the bank was granite so the city put the stone aside, powder coated the old man holes and with some creative canon 18 - 55 mm test 031arrangement came up canon 18 - 55 mm test 032with art that is recycled and usable. canon 18 - 55 mm test 030

canon 18 - 55 mm test 035

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside the Victoria Chalk Festival

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside the Victoria Chalk Festival


This last weekend we attended the yearly Chalk festival in Victoria BC,  It is all about street chalk drawing.  Each artist was given a square to do.  Downtown Sept 14 13 019Downtown Sept 14 13 125Downtown Sept 14 13 127Downtown Sept 14 13 119

Downtown Sept 14 13 025

Children were given small square to entice the artist flair.

Downtown Sept 14 13 064

There was a stage in Centennial Square with traditional native song, drumming and dance.  They were fantastic.  This was a youth group from the north Island and it was there first performance in public.  They did very well.  I love the traditional dress.



Native women singers Sept 2013These lovely woman sang traditional plains Indian songs and they were stunning from the traditional clothing to their collective voices.

Downtown Sept 14 13 024Downtown Sept 14 13 123


Weekly Photo Challenge: Point of View : 2

The George Sept 8 mirror 010

This morning I rose early to find a beautiful day!

The George Sept 8 mirror 031

I woke the dog, grabbed the camera and headed for the Gorge waterway.

The dockThe George Sept 8 mirror 099

The Gorge is a salt water waterway that runs though the city.  This day the water was mirror like in it’s calmness and a stunning opportunity for photograph’s.

The George Sept 8 mirror 188The George Sept 8 mirror 186The George Sept 8 mirror 199