Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose


Old flower frogs are repurposed as the desk pen holder.


An impromptu dog house from a side ways willow basket, some thick wool and a small rug as a door of sorts.  Loki  loves it!



The Skirt


The Pattern 1950 dress vintage 051413_Image_1

The Material –The vintage skirt - the pattern adjustment 007cotton and rayonThe vintage skirt - the pattern adjustment 006Adjusting the left front

                                   panel for a pocket!


 The Vintage skirt - 007

The Help


The Vintage skirt - 001

The pocket in a contrasting woven cotton strip.


The Vintage skirt - 009

The first look – workable!


The Vintage skirt - 014A belt could work.


The back pleatsThe Vintage skirt - 010


The Vintage skirt - 013The new pocket.


This is still a work in progress.