Weekly Photo Challenge – the last one Capturing Rainbows.

capturing rainbows.jpg


These challenges are now set aside for the new.

My favorite photo is hard to find.  I chose this one of rainbows captured on the pure spring water.  It is abstract, like myself. And full of the colors of the rainbow.  The water is pure and the springs pebbly bottom adds texture to the rippled sunlight.


It was fun doing these challenges,  I just had to be else ware for a while, so I let these challenges slip on by.  Perhaps something else will pique my interest and I will share.  Till then,


Living in paradise, look to the west to view the colours of the setting sun.


Funny and true.  When we look to the west, it is light, the colours that are visible on the horizon are pale hues.  Looking west we have amazing colours that are mirrored in the water. 

I happened upon a tourist wandering at the beach a few days back.  She looked lost, so I stopped to chat.  She was from China and was exploring by way of public transit.  With the map in hand she was asking for some advice on which path was best.  I was glad to help. 

She chatted about how she was to exploring Victoria and surrounding areas by bus.  She would chose a walking destination, take the bus there and walk about.  That was how she ended up on our beach. 

She mentioned several times that this is paradise!  The sky was threatening rain so we parted yet her comments stayed with me.  This is paradise.  Fresh, not too compromised by human greed.  Ever changing with the lights, currents and fog.

A nice place to live.

The Sunset in the east