Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

I was looking at some of my older photographs and came across this layered photo of an early spring flower from the spring of 2014Another Faboulus day 034.JPG



weekly photo challenge: Resilient


crafting is resilient to all of the modern gadgets and continues to be reborn. DSC01669

Happy New Year.  I needed to create a ball of cotton for knitting.  As I needed 350 gr for the project, I kept weighing the huge ball.

I was gifted some years back with more than a dozen spools of weavers cotton from the 1960.  The cotton is a lace weight and my Gemini Pullover by Jan Richards needed a heavier weight.  So, I matched two colors, rigged a rack and some poles to easily create the above ball of cotton.   


weekly photo challenge : anticipation


I am anticipating the sun reaching back up into our northern sky. Soon, it will reach the lowest point on the horizon and then head back. 

For the first time in our Earths history we as humans have the ability to change how our seasons transpire across this fabled jewel. Sadly, based on our current culture of “I” and “profit”, it may only ever be saved in a series of photographs and stories. 

We need our jewel so much more then our jewel needs us. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle and use only naturally sourced products that will leave only riches behind in the natural recycling process. Make your  choices wisely.  If you are unsure of how to dispose of it, don’t purchase it in the first place.